Content and Publishing Services

We will create the content for you or take your manuscript and see it through to printed book in stores
Quadrant serves the entire publishing lifecycle -- from content creation to distribution of digital and physical books.

We service the entire spectrum of the publishing lifecycle -- content creation, editorial, visual design, proofreading, page-makeup, typesetting, digitalization, and warehousing for publishing houses, educational institutions, information aggregators, government agencies, universities and corporations and all forms of content developers.

Publishing & Content Outsourcing Services

Quadrant's Print and Publishing Outsourcing services include Creative Services, Electronic Pre-press Services, and Printing services. Our creative, pre-press and printing outsourcing services aim to provide specialist know-how, and go beyond cost advantage to become a seamless extension of our clients’ business.
Quadrant’s Content Outsourcing Services provide the entire spectrum of content-related outsourced services from concept through writing, editing, proofreading and indexing. Our in-house creative and project management talent along with a large pool of external subject matter experts, in conjunction with our strong processes and technology-driven systems can cater to the most technical or creative content demands.

End-to-end publishing
Or its constituent parts.
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We work with publishers and content creators as their in-house teams. Our mission is to provide the best business process outsourcing service in our industry – we strive for quality, creativity and excellence in every aspect of our work.

Content Creation

We are driven to create a long-term strategic partnership with our clients by helping them build strong content online, offline, multimedia or print. From highly technical, client-specific content to creatives, from product manuals to websites, advertisements to text books. Quadrant has the talent, systems and processes to deliver cost-effectively while adhering to the most aggressive timeframes.

Editing & Proofreading

Quadrant manages an extended pool of highly skilled editors who are trained for developmental editing, substantive editing, copy/line editing and proofreading. This talent pool includes expert editors comfortable with US English as well as UK English – editors who know the difference between a ‘flat’ in US English versus a ‘flat’ in UK English.


Our professional indexers will deliver back-of-the book indexes or concordance according to the client and project demands. If the requirement is for an exhaustive and specific back-of-the book index for a technical book, a multivolume work or a cumulative index for journals encompassing multiple years of publication, our project team will deliver on time and on budget.


We help our clients overcome all their print-related challenges, from printing to fulfillment, inventory management and distribution. Our expert team delivers high quality Black and White, Four Colour, Screen Printing, Digital Printing and Print-on-demand books. Quadrant's delivery teams manage the complete print lifecycle in India, in other parts of Asia or in the US depending on the specific requirements of our clients.

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