Services We Offer

Our people, technology and approach to work enable us to deliver the right outsourcing solutions to our clients, and yet remaining cost-effective.

Printing Services

Partner with Quadrant Offshore Printing Solutions to give your project a perfect finish at affordable rates and fast turnarounds.
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Back Office Process Outsourcing

An extensive array of services including data capture, data conversion, scanning, forms processing, tagging and coding
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Content and Publishing Services

We will create the content for you or take your manuscript and see it through to printed book in stores
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Self-Publishing Services

Quadrant offers end to end publishing including editing, designing, printing, distribution, marketing and online selling of books to authors.
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Electronic Pre-press Services

Quadrant's Electronic Prepress group provides an end-to-end solution for the entire production flow, for both traditional and digital print. Processes may include pre-flight, color correction, color trapping, imposition, color separation, proofing, and image setting, create templates and final pagination.
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Graphics Outsourcing Services

Quadrant's Graphics group is focused on the creative process, be it book cover design, ad design, masking and clipping path, logos/branding, brochures and banners.
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