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We support in the entire life cycle of banking digitization
We support bank’s digital development by undertaking banking digitization – converting data into digital format.

Our Banking and Finance outsourcing services ensures to provide best solutions which enhance your customer satisfaction at reduced operational/administration cost. The biggest challenge that this sector faces is the very high volume of documents that needs to be processed. Moreover, there are multiple financial documents of varying nature that needs to be digitized. Handling such huge amounts of information increases the risk of making mistakes dramatically. And when it comes to financial documents, security of data also becomes paramount.

Bank proceedings are still dominated by manual paperwork. This causes human errors and human related system errors while making the process time consuming, painful resulting in the overall customer dissatisfaction.

In the Banking and Finance sector, team at Quadrant follow a streamlined and systematic process, by:

  • Collaborating and aligning with the stakeholders at the financial institution
  • Researching on data usage, mapping pain points and identifying key end users
  • Considering the underlying Technology and Security Configuration to work out the best digitization fitment strategy.
  • Aligning with the organizations value system at the onset of the operations - Delivering quality digitization and back office processing services, timely   We support in the entire life cycle of document digitization including:
  • OCR & Scanning Financial Documents
  • Indexing Financial Documents
  • Document Conversions
  • Keying of Financial Documents like Invoices & POs, Cheques, General Ledgers, - Accounts Payable/Receivable, Inventory, etc.

Given that the future of the banking is digital we are also moving ahead to undertake research and analytics technologies to gather and provide useful insights for banking services.

Our multi-sectorial domain experience, dedicated team services, and understanding of relevant rules and regulations enable us to provide quality performance, profitability, and risk-reduction for our clients.

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