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We offer insurance filing, documentation, claims management, forms processing, services.
We are a leading insurance filing, documentation and processing company based in India

Given the varied nature of insurance policies; certain points specific to individual policies and the robust regulatory environment, relationship between the insurers and the owners depends on how well the insurance claims are managed. We provide smooth, swift and accurate processing and administration of insurance claims solutions for internal and external clients considering their individualistic needs with the help of a dedicated team.

We understand that the sensitivity of data is of utmost importance, to ensure this the documents based on whether they are hard or soft copies are always stored in a secure place. After completion of the job the hard copies are either sent back to client premises or shredded based on the clients requirement.

Our services include:

  • Insurance Documents Scanning/OCR
  • Insurance Documents Keying
  • Insurance Claim Forms Processing
  • Insurance Certificate Issuance
  • Insurance Policy Checking
  • Insurance Claim Management including Claim Settlement
  • Insurance Policy Loss Run Processing
  • Insurance Quote Summary and Proposal
  • Insurance Renewal Summary
  • Insurance Claims Management Reporting

Some of the key services we offer include:

  • Reviewing insurance related documents and checking for missing/incomplete information
  • Submit findings in case of any missing or incomplete information
  • Verifying and entering insurer and insurance policy details
  • Tracking the policy status and underlying related correspondence
  • Filling out additional details required to generate the insurance policy
  • Insurance claim management including claim settlement
  • Undertaking any kind adjustment requests from insurance owners
  • Analyzing, evaluating and advising on any changes requested by the client (owners and insurers) before do the same.
  • Generating and verifying insurance quotes
  • Reporting on insurance policy 

Therefore, if you need accurate, and cost-effective insurance services with a  streamlined process you can get in touch with us.

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