Why Quadrant

Our people, technology and approach to work enable us to deliver the right outsourcing solutions to our clients, and yet remaining cost-effective.

Quadrant has been in the business of providing outsourced information transformation services to clients across the globe for 27 years now.

Quadrant has been in the business of providing outsourced information transformation services to clients across the globe for over 27 years. Our mission is to provide the best business process outsourcing services in our industry. Hence, Quadrant strives for quality, creativity and excellence in every aspect of its work. Our people, technology and approach to work enable us to deliver the right outsourcing solutions to our clients, and yet remaining cost-effective.

The senior management at Quadrant has been personally involved in leading data transformation, content, new media and publishing outsourcing initiatives and consulting assignments for clients across the globe, chiefly in the USA and Europe, but also in Asia and Africa.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every project has individual requirements that need customized solutions. Our innovative approach combines the best human skills with the latest in technology to ensure that you get a service that is accurate, fast and easy to use.

The right team, the right technology, the right infrastructure, and the right attitude. Quadrant puts forward all this and more to ensure that our customers have access to the best content, design, conversion and management team available across geographies.

Cost Competitiveness

Located at Gurgaon, a suburb of India’s capital New Delhi, we have access to a large, yet relatively inexpensive, pool of highly skilled personnel who are fluent in English. Coupled with our wide range of software tools, our large pool of in-house talent is able to achieve very high productivity levels. This allows us to provide you with solutions that are both cost effective and of exceptional quality, thereby minimizing your total cost of ownership.

Commitment to Quality

An outstanding, proven, and efficient editorial team delivers Quadrant’s content services. Our lead content team has accumulated thousands of hours of experience in the newsrooms and news desks of prestigious national English language papers such as The Hindustan Times, The Economic Times, Pioneer and Tehelka, in the timeline-driven offices of syndication services, and the technology-driven space of an online media company such as Pitara Kids Network Private Limited.

The team has considerable experience in building up quality content for print and the Internet, evident in abundance in the company’s flagship media offering, the children’s website www.pitara.com. The team has created and executed demanding yet exciting content-related contests and projects, written curriculum books, created animations, and written for English language newspapers.

All our editors hold masters degrees in the Arts. Their expertise straddles such diverse areas as history, geography, literature, and science to technology, art, and education. One of the biggest strengths of our editorial team is its ability to enter a new area and quickly grasp the nuts and bolts of the work required. New areas, new subjects, and new audiences; our content team thrives on such challenges.

People Focus

At Quadrant India, we recognize our people as a key resource. This is why we emphasize first, recruiting the right people, and then, constantly training and re-training them. All our executives and operators are fluent in English and nearly all possess a college degree. Apart from regular training programs, operators, proofreaders, writers and designers at Quadrant undergo special job-specific briefing/training before they begin work on any project. This ensures a thorough understanding of each project at hand.

Rapid turnaround and the ability to deliver on schedule

At Quadrant India, we understand the need for speed without compromising on quality. Our teams work in shifts, allowing us to capitalize on the time differences between our facilities and our clients’ offices. Data is transferred to and from our production facilities via high-speed data transfer links to the Internet. This enables us to cut the turnaround time to as little as 12 hours from the initial receipt of materials.

In Quadrant, we have set procedures and methodologies in place for quality assurance. Quadrant’s team of editors, writers, illustrators and project managers work together to arrive at realistic timelines that meet a client’s demands without compromising on the quality of work.

Technology and Software Tools

Over the years, our engineers have developed several proprietary software systems and tools that allow for developing customized solutions for any project. We routinely draw upon this extensive and growing collection of proprietary software to develop parsers and checking and conversion systems that are specific to the requirements of a particular project to ensure the highest data integrity possible. We also have in-house software to programmatically verify standard mark-up such as SGML and HTML.

Long-term perspective on business and business relationships

Quadrant believes in investing in long-term relationships with its clients, all of whom have all-round praise for our company’s integrity, efficiency, and value-driven approach to work. Most of Quadrant’s projects tend to be unique and knowledge-intensive, which require substantial up-front investment in resources and training and acquiring the necessary domain expertise to effectively execute the project. Therefore, Quadrant focuses on projects with stable partners who can enter into mutually beneficial long-term relationships. Our goal is to create a team that functions as a close extension of our customer’s team.

In the last 27 years Quadrant has always delivered on time and delivered quality which delighted all its clients. Our people, our technology and our approach ensured delivering the right outsourcing solutions to our clients, while still providing a cost-effective solution. It is this focus, on cost competitiveness and uncompromising quality, that is the driving force behind our work.