Back Office Process Outsourcing

An extensive array of services including data capture, data conversion, scanning, forms processing, tagging and coding
Over the last 27 years we have become a seamless extension of many information-intensive organizations around the world

Quadrant’s Back Office Process Outsourcing Services group has worked with the most demanding international clients and refined its processes and practices to offer the most secure, reliable and accurate service anywhere in the world.

Our services include Data Capture, Data Conversion, Form Processing, Scanning, and Tagging and Coding services

Reliable Back Office Process Outsourcing

Global corporations are constantly required to improve their operational effectiveness to achieve better customer satisfaction and improve shareholder value. Business managers are often charged with the development of strategies to establish lower cost structures, higher productivity norms and better quality standards for their organizations.

Quadrant’s Back Office Process Outsourcing Services group has, over the last 27 years, worked with the most demanding international clients and refined its processes and practices to offer the most secure, reliable and accurate service anywhere in the world.

Quadrant is an established outsourcing partner whom you can rely upon to deliver higher productivity, better quality standards, and exceptional timeframes while achieving substantial cost savings.

Leveraging years of expertise, and refined processes, along with cost-effective and skilled Indian resources

Quadrant’s extensive experience with demanding international clients, over the last 27 years, has led it to refine its processes and practices and offer the most secure, reliable and accurate back office services.

Data Capture & Conversion

Quadrant can work from pre-existing print materials, microfilm, raw manuscripts, copyedited files and printer files to generate any industry or company standard, including but not limited to TIFF, ASCII, EBCIDIC, comma separated value, fixed format, SGML, XML-coded files and composed pages. Our proprietary workflow management and tracking system uses a combination of automated software tools and manual data-entry to offer high quality and cost-effective services ideally suited to high volume applications. Our double-entry, triple-compare process ensures optimal level of accuracy at the character level. Our tracing system tracks documents and data in real-time as they move through the workflow process. This system ensures that every document and all data is accounted for and ensures that all data is captured accurately and in a timely manner.

Forms Processing

From insurance, finance, banking and research, to travel and transport, Quadrant’s forms processing workflow helps businesses across the industry spectrum to convert massive volumes of hard copy and image-based forms into digital formats.
Over the last 12 years, Quadrant has processed over a billion forms for different projects and different clients. We have a current capacity to process over one million forms a month and with the capability to ramp up to much higher levels when the situation demands. All this is achieved while maintaining 99.995% accuracy consistently.
Quadrant uses a combination of manual and automated processes to process, capture, interpret and transform a mass of disconnected forms data – cursive, handprint, machine print – into business assets.

Indexing & Archiving

Organizations, even in this digital age, deal with a large number of papers in their day-to-day activities. Much of this paper is legal or confidential documentation, and it is a statutory requirement that they be preserved for a pre-specified number of years. Statutory or otherwise, paper documents need to be sorted, searched, accessed, copied, modified, access controlled, audit trailed.
Corporations of all sizes have increasingly come to realize that document conversion, indexing and archiving can add value to the organization far beyond mere speed of retrieval by enabling users to retrieve documents in many different ways. It is not optional anymore.
Quadrant's highly talented team helps organizations with the entire spectrum of document management requirements starting from digitizing hard copy documents and all the way to indexing (field-based and full-text indexing).


Quadrant offers a wide range of on and off-site scanning services for paper documents, drawings, maps, survey forms, application forms, microfilms and photographs.
The scanned documents can be indexed and converted into permanent, legally exact image files or searchable, retrievable database for multi-platform delivery or for archival purposes.
For an off-site, off-shore scanning arrangement Quadrant has its own FTP or internet-based document transmission system and a secure handling, storage and disposal process for managing the original artifacts.
Whether you have invoices, project files, correspondence, books/magazines, purchase orders or other documents, Quadrant's Back Office Process Outsourcing group can create a customized solution depending on client's legal, archival and distribution needs.

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