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Form Processing

Quadrant's form processing workflows help businesses in insurance, finance, banking, research, travel and transport and convert their hard data and images into digital formats at a 99.995% accuracy rate

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(Data capture & conversion)

We work with pre-existing print materials, comma-separated values, SGML, XML-coded files etc. Our tracking system tracks documents and data in real-time ensuring that every document and data is accounted for and captured accurately and in a timely manner.

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Typesetting & Formatting

We typeset documents in several languages. Our expert team makes sure that each typeset book follows the structure, font, placement of figures and tables throughout while our quality team ensures that no text is misplaced or removed accidentally

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Some of the industries we have been serving

Over 27 years ago Quadrant pioneered the business process outsourcing industry in India. Over the years we have developed deep understanding of some of the industries we have worked with


We work with some of the world's leading publishing houses, educational institutions, universities and corporations


We work with some of the world's leading legal publishers


We work with some of the world's leading universities and educational instituitions


We are a leading insurance filing, documentation and processing company based in India


We help organizations in creation and review of forms, translations, digitization, maintenance, and use as well as disposal of medical records

Banking & finance

We support a bank’s digital development by undertaking banking digitization – converting data into digital format

Information Transformation
Since 1994

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