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Quadrant has been a pioneer in the Business Process Outsourcing business in India, and has come a long way since its humble beginnings 24 years ago.

Today, we operate out of its state-of-the-art, 27,000 square feet access-controlled, independent facility in Gurgaon. The facility was designed to accommodate rapid ramp-up and can accommodate close to 1,500 executives. More about Quadrant India...
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Solutions For Directory Publishers

In the last six years Quadrant has processed more than 60 million records and created over 1,500 telephone directories (white and yellow pages) for its customers in the USA and Canada. Today we process an average of 1.5 million records each month with a capacity to ramp up to much higher levels when the situation demands. All this is achieved while maintaining 99.998% accuracy consistently across clients and projects.

Our Directory Solutions Group has designed its systems, processes and software keeping in mind the rapid turnaround and accuracy needs for our directory publishing clients. Our YP and WP data capture process is based on a double-key process - one team of data entry operators enter the data, and then a second team of data entry operators key the same data again. All discrepancies in data get highlighted requiring a cross-verification intervention. The double keyed and verified data is then passed through a Quality Assurance process. Our Quality Assurance program includes random sample checking, proofreading, 100% phone number crosschecking with the original, and computer-based consistency checks through different macros and tools.

In addition to Names, Addresses, Telephone/Fax numbers and Classification Headings, Universal Directory Advertising Codes (UDAC) and Rates and other information can be captured to generate a valuable marketing tool. This proven process provides you with a very clean and accurate snapshot of the original data.

Our Yellow Pages and White Pages data capture includes:

  • Complete listing information (both Yellow and White Pages)
  • Indicators for business and residential listings (White Pages Only)
  • Ad size (UDAC) and rates, including coding of true extra line (EL) and alternate line (AL) data (Yellow Pages only)
  • Different services offered by individual companies through Display Ads (Yellow Pages only)

Output Data formats available include:

Tab/Comma/Pipe delimited ASCII text files
Word ASCII text files
Standard database files (.DBF)
Rich text format files (.RTF)

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