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Quadrant has been a pioneer in the Business Process Outsourcing business in India, and has come a long way since its humble beginnings 24 years ago.

Today, we operate out of its state-of-the-art, 27,000 square feet access-controlled, independent facility in Gurgaon. The facility was designed to accommodate rapid ramp-up and can accommodate close to 1,500 executives. More about Quadrant India...
solutions for book publishers

Solutions For Book Publishers

Book Design Services: The purpose of good design is not to call attention to itself but to enhance usability. Every little thing matters: which font, how the pull quotes appear, the image on the cover, the line illustrations, how the tables enumerate the content. Attention to details makes a good book more readable and more usable.

  • Book Design: Good book design needs to be functional, easy on the eyes, and almost invisible to the reader. It should complement and aid the reading process, not stand out or distract the reader.

    Designing multiple levels of subheads, extracts, pull quotes, and footnotes are all part of our designers daily work schedule. Our design team also regularly creates complex graphic-intensive, multi-spread layouts, with illustrations, graphics, charts, and tables.

  • Book Covers: You shouldn't judge a book by its cover—but everyone does. The buying decision is often made on the basis of the cover and the back cover. Readers, reviewers, booksellers, almost everybody is influenced by the cover. The book cover is often the most significant promotional material that the book has – there is no option but to make it work hard.

    Our team of designers work with the editorial team to choose the images, illustrations and the content for the cover and the back cover to create a compelling design – a design that stands out on the shelf and does justice to the material inside.

  • Line drawings and artwork: We can generate almost any technical illustrations needed for your project. We can scan and clean up any existing artwork that may be available; we can also work with your existing art files and photographs too. We can create original line art and illustrations on the basis of the text or author’s brief.

Electronic Pre-press Services: Quadrant services the entire production flow, from design execution to release-for-print for both traditional and digital print. Our professionals create and manage a wide array of applications using industry-standard software applications, such as QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, MX Studio, and InDesign.

  • Publishing's Prepress Services: We prepare the steps required to turn a design into final form, ready for final printing on a printing press. This may include preflight, color correction, color trapping, imposition, color separation, proofing, and image setting.

  • Formatting/typesetting: Using our design team’s or clients specifications, the typesetting team creates templates (fonts, leading, indentation, paragraphs, quotations, etc.) and then prepares the final pagination (page margins, headers, footers, folio numbers, footnotes/endnotes references, etc.

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