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Quadrant has been a pioneer in the Business Process Outsourcing business in India, and has come a long way since its humble beginnings 24 years ago.

Today, we operate out of its state-of-the-art, 27,000 square feet access-controlled, independent facility in Gurgaon. The facility was designed to accommodate rapid ramp-up and can accommodate close to 1,500 executives. More about Quadrant India...
indexing services from quadrant

Indexing Services

Quadrant’s Indexing Service provides comprehensive, reader-friendly and accurate back-of-the book indexes prepared according to client specifications, cost-effectively and on time.

Our professional indexers are trained to understand the difference between back-of-the book indexes and concordance, and they will deliver according to the client and project demands. If the requirement is for an exhaustive and specific back-of-the book index for a technical book, a multivolume work or a cumulative index for journals encompassing multiple years of publication, our project team will deliver on time and on budget.

Quadrant’s Indexing Service group can work directly with the client’s printing house to develop the end specifications and provide either raw files with typesetting codes, PDF files or Postscript (PS) file, if that is what your printer prefers.

Quadrant can work with a wide variety of academic books, reference and trade non-fiction books on a range of subjects: technology, law, history, medicine, social sciences, self-help, travel, and even cookbooks.

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