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Quadrant has been a pioneer in the Business Process Outsourcing business in India, and has come a long way since its humble beginnings 24 years ago.

Today, we operate out of its state-of-the-art, 27,000 square feet access-controlled, independent facility in Gurgaon. The facility was designed to accommodate rapid ramp-up and can accommodate close to 1,500 executives. More about Quadrant India...
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Indexing & Archiving Services

Quadrant’s Back Office Process Outsourcing division assists corporations across the industry spectrum to convert paper-based filing to an electronic document management system (EDMS).

Organizations, even in this digital age, deal with a large number of papers in their day-to-day activities. Much of this paper is legal or confidential documentation, and it is a statutory requirement that they be preserved for a pre-specified number of years. Statutory or otherwise, paper documents need to be sorted, searched, accessed, copied, modified, access controlled, audit trailed…

Corporations of all sizes have increasingly come to realize that document conversion, indexing and archiving can add value to the organization far beyond mere speed of retrieval by enabling users to retrieve documents in many different ways. It is not optional anymore.

Quadrant’s highly talented team helps organizations with the entire spectrum of document management requirements starting from digitizing hard copy documents and all the way to indexing (field-based and full-text indexing).

Quadrant can assist your indexing needs, whether your documents are in paper form or in digital form, including word processing files, spreadsheets, database files, e-mail, voice mail, scanned images, and Internet/intranet HTML documents.

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